Updates From The Field: Rochester

By February 24, 2016 Blog

Rochester High School

Team member Olivia Shonio noted that there are a lot of students at her school who take advantage of flexible pathways. “There are a lot of kids who went to the tech center this year, there’s a kid doing dual enrollment, kids that went to VAST [Vermont Academy of Science and Technology] and CCV [Community College of Vermont], and there are kids doing on-line classes through VTVLC [Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative] and BYU [Brigham Young University]. Our school’s definitely on board with flexible pathways. The people who are at the tech center or are taking on-line classes, they get it. They see that it’s a flexible pathway and that it works for them and they enjoy it. But then there are the kids that don’t see it as an option.”

Before December break, all 6th-12th grade students attended a student-led Student Forum in the auditorium. The only adults in the room were the two Communicating School Redesign advisers. Olivia presented a slide show that she had created to bring more awareness to them about Act 77, Flexible Pathways and Personalized Learning Plans—what their options are. The target audience was those students who are quick to say, “Oh, I don’t want to do that,” or “Oh, that won’t work for me,” who don’t know what path to go on or who have some anxiety about stepping from a small community to something different, bigger. “In our classes, most of our classes all day long, we only have four people,” said friend Hayley Mears. “Going to a CCV class that has like 35 in it—that’s kind of scary–terrifying in some instances.”

Written by Sue Trecartin, UP for Learning, 1/27/16