Twinfield Union School

By January 11, 2015 2014-15, School Stories

Twinfield Union School serves 400 students Pre-K-12 from Plainfield and Marshfield Vermont. Twinfield Union participated in the Communicating School Redesign Course in the 2014-2015 school year. The Twinfield Communications Team included: Bridget Couture, Summer Haverick, Samantha Lege, Morgan MacIver (students), Mark Mooney (Principal), Debra Stoleroff (Renaissance Program Director), and Maria Forman (librarian and school technology coordinator).

Twinfield is distinguished in the realm of personalization, having offered the Renaissance Program for the last 15 years. Renaissance allows students to design their own standards-based opportunities (including studies, internships, service-learning, purposeful travel and any other opportunity they might imagine) in partnership with a community mentor. Students can self-design a stand-alone opportunity or their entire educational program. Seventy percent of Twinfield students design at least one independent study in the course of their four years of high school.

The passage of Vermont’s Acts 77 and 130 allows Twinfield to further its personalization of education. The block schedule implemented this year supports this goal, as well as the newly created X-Day, a weekly “class-less” day that allows time for student support and learning extensions such as field trips, community meetings and a variety of other meetings that would otherwise take away from class time. The day also supports the creation of student-generated clubs. The current Teacher Advisory system will serve as a grounding space as Twinfield moves to the development of Personalized Learning Plans for all students.

With all of these elements in place, the Communications Team’s research showed a solid baseline understanding of personalization across students, teachers, and community members. The Team has sought to increase that understanding through community dialogue, the creation of PSAs on community radio, the development of an informational website, and presentations to various stakeholders, including the School Board.

This year they have received a grant to further develop their community dialogue efforts, with the support of Everyday Democracy, a national organization focused on community mobilization.

To listen to their PSA, go to their Shaping Our Future Together website!

Twinfields FAQs about Act 77 and proficiencies