To prepare for our future as a nation in an increasingly global and fast-changing society, dramatic change in our educational system is needed to enable all students to learn. Here you will find resources to explore the role that student-centered approaches, such as personalized learning plans and proficiency based learning, can play to deepen learning and prepare young people to meet the demands and optimize the opportunities of the 21st century.


  • General Talking points about school change.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about school change.
  • Elevator Speech on why we need to remodel schools.
  • Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together Module: Why Change Schools: This module has a series of activities that grounds an understanding of WHY schools need to change. Activities will help stakeholders develop their “mental models” of education and learning to promote understanding and support for change efforts.
  • Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk: Changing Educational Paradigms: In this whiteboard animation, Sir Ken Robinson introduces the history of education and justifies why change is so important at this time. This is a great video to inspire dialogue.
  • Continuum of Purpose: Fostering a Meaningful Life Infographic: This infographic developed by,

    Personalize Learning, LLC, clearly illustrates “The Continuum of Purpose”  of learner-driven education. Use this infographic to engage in dialogue with students, community members and faculty.
  • Todd Rose Ted Talk: Myth of Average: High school dropout turned Harvard faculty, Todd Rose, talks about fallacy of average as an effective guiding measure in designing not only AirForce cockpits but also educational environments.
  • South Burlington Big Picture Video – Participants in the first cohort of the Communicating School Redesign course, South Burlington Big Picture created a public service announcement highlighting the hopes and dreams students and faculty had for their school.
  • Nellie Mae Video on School Transformation – This video explores WHY the shift to student centered learning is important.
  • Nick Donohue Tedx Talk: Student Centered Learning: Nick Donohue, President & CEO of the Nellie Mae Foundation, explores the importance of student centered learning. Rather than a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to education, designed as if it’s 1915, schools need student-centered strategies to help learners reach their highest potential.