The following are examples of products that have been created over the past few years in New England to build public understanding of student-centered approaches to learning. They are meant to serve as templates for your own work in communicating about Act 77 and related work.

Shaping a bright Future Together: Partnership for change in a nutshell (Burlington and Winooski, Vermont)

The Burlington and Winooski districts received a Nellie Mae Foundation grant in 2011 to implement high school redesign efforts, moving toward a student-centered learning model. To support remodeling efforts, the districts created the Partner- ship for Change. A research and innovation arm of the districts, the Partnership serves as a bridge between the districts, an incubator of ideas, a disseminator of best practices, and a convener of community conversations. This pamphlet provides an overview of their vision and implementation plan.

Redesigning Pittsfield Schools for 21st century Success (Pittsfield, New Hampshire)

In 2008, the Pittsfield, New Hampshire school district launched a significant community-wide effort to remodel their schools. This publication introduces their vision and mission. It then details the five focus areas that have grounded their redesign efforts: 1) Student ownership of learning, 2) Core knowledge, skills, and habits for success, 3) 21st Century Skills and Habits of Mind, 4) The Changing Role of Adults, and 5) Community Engagement.