Here you will find a compendium of resources to build public understanding and support for Act 77: Flexible Pathways. As new resources are developed we will add them here.

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  • Shaping Our Future Together Resource Guide: This packet of materials is meant to help jumpstart an effective evidence-based approach for community dialogue, as it relates to the implementation of Act 77 and proficiency based learning. The packet includes Frequently Asked Questions and Talking Points, an Act 77 “elevator speech,” a sample press release, prototypes for brochures and written media, and School Reform Initiative dialogue protocols.
    For quick links to some of the most popular sections:

  • Act 77 Overview & Visual: This document provides a simple overview of Act 77 with a visual ready to be shared with parents, community members, youth and school faculty. This one page document was created by the Shaping our Future Team and UP for Learning.
  • Act 77 overview created by the Vermont Agency of Education: This is a more comprehensive overview of Act 77 including the historical context and the six components of the legislation.
  • Act 77 Elevator Speech: This elevator speech, created by the Shaping Our Future Together team, provides a quick and easy to understand introduction to Act 77 that can be used to inspire a youth’s or adult’s own elevator speech when describing this piece of legislation and school redesign.
  • Act 77 Internet Resources: Annotated Bibliography: Check out this list of resources compiled for the Communicating School Redesign course. This list includes articles, videos and internet resources.
  • PLP Conceptual Framework for Students: Created by the Agency of Education, this document provides a more detailed overview of a personalized learning plan. This can be used to introduce youth to PLPs and can be supported by the PLP Infographic.
  • Sample PLP for a High School Student: Want to know what a PLP could look like? Check out this example created by the Agency of Education. Note: It is a somewhat more traditional PLP example and will likely be updated to a more dynamic sample.
  • Colchester PLP Video: The Colchester CSR team created this video using baking cookies as a metaphor for creating a personalized learning plan. This video can be a useful tool to introduce personalized learning to youth and adults, infused with both information and humor!
  • Harwood Union High School Video on Personalized Learning: This video created by a team from Harwood Union High School explores personalized learning at Harwood.
  • Vermont Agency of Education’s webpage on Act 77:  The Agency of Education has many resources to better understand Act 77.
  • Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) Infographic: This infographic provides a visual representation of why PLPs matter and the team approach of creating and revising PLPs. This is a great tool for both youth and adults alike. The infographic was created by Shaping Our Future Together.
  • The Equity Traps within Act 77 Flexible Pathways and Personalized Learning Plans: This article is written by Jason Finley, a member of the 2009 Cohort of Rowland Fellows and is the Work-Based Learning Coordinator at Randolph Technical Career Center.