Colchester High School

By January 10, 2015 2014-15, School Stories

Colchester High School serves approximately 700 students grades 9-12. Colchester High School participated in the Communicating School Redesign course during the 2014-15 school year. The Colchester Communications Team included: Cynthia Alers-Rodriquez, Angus Doherty, Sawyer Loftus, and Mikayla Wallis (students), Wayland Cole (Humanities teacher), Bob Hall (Guidance Counselor), Rachel Wood (Humanities teacher), and Jean Shea (Director of Student Support Services).

Colchester High School is a school that is proud of its students, faculty, and community. Rooted in a strong vision of respect for individual student needs, leadership and faculty are known for being willing to make innovative change to do what is best for all students. Colchester’s Mission is “to ensure that all students will develop the academic proficiency, social skill, and character, to be fulfilled, responsible, and involved citizens” through “diverse, challenging educational experiences in partnership with families and the community.” Their work with Shaping Our Future Together has been focused on Personal Learning Plans, a natural extension of that commitment.

Colchester has a number of existing supports for the work of personalization, including a Block Schedule and a robust Advisory system. While multiple pathways have been an important part of Colchester High School for some time, the Team’s research showed that its next step was to make sure that all stakeholders – students, faculty and larger community – were aware of the many varied options that exist for all students. The Team’s coursework highlighted the importance of thinking about communication in terms of metaphors.

The team has and will continue to apply this learning to the development of videos that communicate the elements and value of Flexible Pathways and PLPs.